Full planning permission was granted on 20th December 2019 for Phase 1 of Bishop’s Stortford South. Although there will be further detailed submissions to finesse the final details, this is a great step towards starting construction.

The first homes to be built will be at the northern part of the site between Whittington Way and the Hertfordshire Way footpath. There will be 142 houses in total, with 40% being affordable – either affordable rent or shared ownership. The permission also allows for creating open spaces and landscaping, and the construction of the infrastructure necessary to create a new sustainable and thriving community in an environment where people will be proud to live.

Permission has also been granted at this early stage to create a site access from Whittington Way, and a new North-South road that will run through the development to St James Way.

As well as the full planning permission for Phase 1, East Herts District Council has given outline planning permission for a further 608 homes, a care home, up to four hectares of employment land, a primary and a secondary school and a local centre with shopping facilities, and for landscaping, sustainable drainage systems and open space with equipped play areas. There will be further submissions to make to the Council on various conditions connected to planning before construction on this part of the site can start.

The schools will sit together at the heart of the development, surrounded by extensive playing fields and green space. The primary school will be able to take up to three forms of entry and have Early Years facilities; the secondary school will take up to eight forms of entry. Detailed plans for the layout and design of the schools are subject to separate County Council planning applications.