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Project Timeline
Countryside is engaging in discussions with East Herts District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and other stakeholders.

East Herts District Plan draft Policy BISH5 sets out a programme for delivery of 750 homes by 2027 at Bishop’s Stortford South. All will be dependent on the outcome of the District Plan Public Examination and the adoption of it by East Herts District Council.

The stages in the preparation of an Outline Planning Application for development at Bishop’s Stortford South are as follows:

Project Timeline
Initial Stages
The preliminary assessment, masterplan development and consultation and engagement took place between 2016 - 2018.

The Masterplan Framework was submitted in July 2018 and the Hybrid Planning Application was submitted two months later.
Planning Permission Granted
Full Planning Permission for Phase One was granted in Dec 2019. This relates to the first 142 homes to be built on the northernmost part of the development.

Outline Planning Permission was granted for future phases which includes a further 608 homes, a care home, up to four hectares of employment land, a primary and a secondary school, a local centre with shopping facilities, and open space with equipped play areas.
Enabling Works
August 2020: Enabling works and haul road construction on St James Way for secondary school.
Access Works
September 2020: Access works construction on Whittington Way for first housebuilding phase.
Secondary School Construction
Late September 2020: Secondary school construction to commence.
House Construction Begins
October 2020: Housebuilding to commence.
Whittington Way Roundabout
October - December 2020: Whittington Way roundabout works.
Footway Works
January 2021:
Footway works on Whittington Way / Obrey Way.
St James Way Roundabout
January - March 2021: St James Way roundabout works.
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